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Our Beautiful Day at an Organic Winery in Spain

El Páramo - a hilly, windswept, barren landscape 30 minutes south of León is where this unique winery is located. We visited in autumn, just as the grapes were being harvested - the perfect time!

Our Beautiful Day at an Organic Winery in Spain

It was a beautiful autumn day when we visited Pedro at Leyenda de Páramo. Driving from the little village of Pozos – our home base in Spain – it took an hour to drive here. It was exciting as the grapes started to become visible,  to see the harvest in full swing.

If prieto picudo and albarín blanco were an animal they would be a lynx. Unique, ancestral and almost extinct. Those are our grapes.

We explored the vineyards and tasted the albarín blanco and prieto picudo grapes. Full of sweet flavour, it was hard to keep from eating them.

The Leyenda or Legend of Páramo tells us that among the mist a flower grows in the vines, Prieto Picudo. Humble and honest as its people from the El Páramo region; the prieto picudo grape flower (flor), is the symbol of this region and its hard-working people.

A leader in creating a sustainable winery, Leyenda de Páramo has implemented thermal energy and water saving methods. Listening to Pedro explain in great detail his love of the environment and his passion for thermal energy and sustainable wine making is awe-inspiring.

Because of the unique design of this winery, it is possible to view the wine tanks from above. There are walkways above the work floor where the public can view the making of wine throughout the season!

We were on a private tour with Pedro Gonzalez Mittelbrunn, one of the founding partners and the visionary behind Leyenda de Páramo. I suspect we got an extra special behind-the-scenes tour.

Passionate about all things related to wine, Pedro is a wealth of knowledge. His wine labels all have a story. My favourite is El Rescatado (The Rescued), referring to how the these old vines have been rescued and are producing exceptional wine again.

Leyenda de Páramo is the only producer in the world to create certified organic Prieto Picudo and Albarín Blanco wines.

Touring the wine cellar.

We decided to taste 4 wines on our tour: Músico, Aprendiz, Medico and Rescatado. While we were sipping our wine, we listened to Pedro explain the stories behind the name of each wine. I fell in love with each and every one of them!

Prieto Picudo.

With 72 hectares of certified organic (or on their way to being organic) grapes, biodynamic grape growing is central to the philosophy of Leyenda de Páramo.

If you find yourself in León for a few days or driving by on the A66 highway be sure to stop in, have a look around, say hi to Pedro and buy some wine. My personal favourite is El Rescatado Organic Red. You will not be disappointed!

You can find more information on their wines, how to book a tour, and get directions on their website.

Cueva San Simón Restaurante

We finished off our day with a late Spanish lunch in Valdevimbre. Cueva San Simón did not disappoint. Built in old wine caves, it was like walking into a museum. The menu is traditional Spanish food with meats grilled on the racks above. We ordered multiple plates to share and, of course, ordered Leyenda de Páramo wines to go with it!

The town of Valdevimbre is full of cave restaurants. On Pedro's recommendation, we chose Cueva San Simón. He joined us for lunch, we drank his wine and shared our meal with him. It was a perfect day.

Find the menu and directions on their website.

Cueva San Simón, Valdevimbre, León
Una auténtica cueva del siglo XVII transformada en restaurante, el lugar ideal para disfrutar de la mejor gastronomía leonesa, Cueva San Simón en Valdevimbre, León
External Link to Cueva San Simon Website.
Sharing a bottle of Mittel from Leyenda de Paramo at home.

Yes, we filled up our car with wine!

Spanish Palate in Toro Spain

Our good friend Nicole Thornton of Spanish Palate exports Spanish wines around the world. If you want to try the wines of Leyenda de Páramo visit the Spanish Palate website to find out if it is available near you.

Spanish Palate Home Page
Founded in 2016 by British born Nicola Thornton, the team at Spanish Palate look after over 100 wines from 20 regions and export them to 40 countries around the globe.
External Link to Spanish Plate Website.
On tour with Nicola just outside of Toro, Spain.

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